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We are a family of five who have owned great danes for 16 years.  We love big dogs, and that's why we got our first great dane, Duke.  He was an amazing dog, and we have raised many great danes since him (and one chocolate lab).  People thought were crazy getting our first great dane with a newborn in the house along with two toddlers.  It turned out not being a problem due to the laid-back, gentle giant personality of these dogs.  They are full of character and are completely devoted to their humans.  Duke was black, Titan was brindle, and Harley was a mantle.

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We knew some people who bred dogs and wanted to give it a go.  When we got Trinity in 2011 with full registration, we got a lot of interest from people who heard we would start breeding.  Our first litter was born in 2014, and we sold all of our puppies before they were 10 weeks old.  We really enjoyed the experience of raising puppies and selling them to good homes.  Our litters since then have been sold even more rapidly due to our growing wait list.

We bought another female, Shasta, to expand our breeding program to sell harlequin and merles as well. And most recently we have bought a male mantle, Ronin, as our own stud. We also plan to stud him out to other breeders in the future.

What people like about Olympic Danes is that we keep them updated, help them with any questions they have about great danes, raising puppies, and dog stuff in general.

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