Registered AKC
100% American
7 years old
140 pounds
31 inches to the withers
Color: Mantle (Boston)
Markings: White half collar, front stalkings, back socks, white chest and belly, tipped tail

    Lady Trinity is a calm, extremely cute girl that is a little tender.  She loves to lay on people's feet.  Known to be an extreme cuddler, she loves to be with her humans, always.  No one can resist her as she sits pretty and begs for hand outs.  Her nick names are "Rin", "Tin", and "RinRin"

    Trinity has a particularly adorable face (with big, expressive eyes) that her puppies inherit!  She has white stalkings, belly and chest, a little white on her muzzle, a white tipped tail, and half of a white collar.   She's quick to train and is well mannered while being very gentle with kids and very sociable.  What people love most about her is how she always has to be touching someone when she sleeps, and she sometimes just stares at you with the cutest expression.  She's had three litters and throws piebalds as well as mantles.

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